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CIB is necessary for the country like us, this serves dual purpose; first Best utilization of educational resources and second adequate human resource development.

Considering the field of engineering where nation is struggling with the deficiency of engineering professionals despite of having thousands of engineering colleges in the country. Why? Due to directionless efforts of present education system most of the young engineering alumnus shifts themselves to some other industry, unwillingly. The reasons may be many, like lack of direction for a proper start, dissatisfaction from industry, misunderstanding of work or unskilled to work in industry etc, but only 5% of the engineers leave the field because of genuine reasons.  Remaining 95% leave the field because of the above reasons. Every year more than 50% of the engineering graduates leave their respective field, i.e. the education to profession dropout of engineering filed is more than 50%. This loss is in addition to the manual hours wasted to educate them for their precious 4 to 6 years. This process can also be observed in other educational models like Arts, Commerce, Science, IT where industry interaction is negligible.

On the contrary in field of Medicines Chartered Accountancy and B. Arch the education to profession dropout ratio is not more than 5%. Why? Yes, just because of the real time training with studies. All medical students are required to attend compulsory internship within their study curriculum. This industry exposure is quite similar to the real life situations which they require to face, when they will work as an independent professional. Also, they get ample opportunities to work under highly specialized senior professionals. The result itself shows the success story of this education model.

Conclusively, we are 95% sure that a student will choose the same profession in which he/she has studied if, they get a chance to undergo internship within studies compare to less than 50% surety of a student to go in the same field of studies for the programme where industry interaction is not the part of academic curriculum.

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