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At CIB the training & education methodology adopts a unique learning approach with work consisting of the following distinct stages:


The curriculum of the CIB education programmes are most contemporary and innovatively designed and developed in association with reputed academicians and experts.


All the courseware supplied by the university and CMD are being designed to cater to the needs education in an industrial environment. The courseware consists of comprehensive study package especially designed for self-learning. The courseware is revised frequently so as to keep the students up to date. For selected programmes, the enrolled students will be receiving the first set of the courseware from CIIP. The courseware for subsequent groups will be dispatched based on their academic progression and their success in their internal examinations.

Magazines & Journals

Students are encouraged to refer to various magazines and journals (relevant to the area of their study) to update their knowledge on a regular basis.

Theory Training Classes

The theory training classes are an important input that will help the students gain in-depth understanding of the topics and will also help them to prepare well for their examinations. Excellent study inputs are provided to the students through comprehensive courseware including quality textbooks and workbooks. Further it supplements the students' efforts through self study. The theory training classes constitute an important stage in the learning methodology by enabling the student to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. The theory training classes provide a platform to the student for better understanding of the concepts and to clarify any of their doubts in the respective subjects and therefore prepare well for their examinations.

Training/ Internship/ Research Work

Students are required to go for compulsory training/ internship/ research work module as designated by concerned CIIP. They will perform all duties at designated industry similar to working as a professional. The training/ internship/ research work are arranged in real industry environment.

Total duration of CIB Education Programme

Ideally, the annual duration of CIB education programmes will be more than 1200 hrs and approximately 40 credits, out of which a total of approximately 600 hrs. (not less than 20 credits) are assigned to theory and practical classes and a total of approximately 300-700 hrs. (not less than 10 credits and not more than 27 credits) are assigned to training/ internship/ research work. Students can earn these credits through their own pace of learning and convenience of CIIPs. The CIB education programmes are in annual mode and follows credit system of education. Students are required to earn minimum 40 credits for completing one-year certification under CIB education system.

Benefits of attending CIB Education Programme

  • Gain exposure to real-world problems and issues that perhaps may not be found in textbooks.
  • Evaluate specific industries, companies, and organizations or specific careers prior to committing with full-time employment.
  • Consider whether a particular career direction or industry is a good fit for you.
  • Cultivate work habits, social instincts, adaptability, and creativity in a dynamic world.
  • Provide hands-on opportunities to work with equipment and technology that may not be available in campus.
  • Offer personal growth, experiences and exposure to different career opportunities.
  • Increase self-confidence in a professional environment while developing an expanded network of associates and professionals.
  • Have resume-building experiences while mentioning academic concepts and principles.
  • Increase marketability for employers.
  • Set great examples of your skill sets for future job interviews which shall facilitate a higher starting salary than non-interns.
  • Ease transition from being a student to a professional.
  • Better opportunities for faster advancement and growth within a company.
  • Provide opportunities to fund higher education.
  • Have fun, feel a sense of accomplishment and see yourself as an emerging professional.


Minimum 75% attendance is required in internship/ research work, and theory & practical training classes. On proper verification CIIP will issue an attendance certificate. This attendance certificate is compulsory for appearing in examination.


The examinations serve the final assessment and certify the students' understanding of the subject, level of knowledge and skill development. At the end of every academic & calendar year, the examinations will be conducted by the University with the support of CMD and CIIP. The mode of examinations will be a mix of subjective and objective questions as per the requirement of the programme of study.

Soft Skill Development Workshops

University/ CMD/ CIIP  organizes regular workshops as a means to develop practical skills. The students are encouraged to attend these skill development workshops. Students are required to accomplish pre-defined tasks in these workshops, in order to acquire of planned skills.

Intensive Teaching Workshops

These workshops serve to increase the application orientation of the students and expose them towards independent study and working. The net effect of all these stages is to ensure that the students inculcate and develop the required knowledge and skills.

Collaborative Industry based Internship Points (CIIPs)

CIIPs are the exchange education places of excellence approved by the University where students will undergo theory & practical training classes & internship. CIIPs are not designated as Affiliated College/ Off Campus/ Off Shore Campus/ Study Centre of University. CIIPs takes assistance from other institutes, industries, NGOs as well as UGC approved universities for promoting CIB education programme. The internship & training programmes are conducted with the help of industries across the country. The CIIPs are responsible for the proper internship & training of the students as per the directions of University. CIIPs are also accountable for organizing theory & practical training classes of students in accordance with the educational curriculum prescribed by the University. The CIIPs' management will consist of administrative and academic head.

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