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Concept of Collaborative Industry Based (CIB) Education

CIB education is most contemporary and a noble concept to integrate the components of industry with education. CIB education is not a formality of giving industry exposure to students; rather it is a full-fledged industrial experience offered to the students with studies. CIB education enables students to obtain the basic and all functional knowledge of the industry in which they wish to work. 

The purpose of every education is to obtain factual knowledge and procure employment. Education incapable of providing suitable employment and knowledge to a student is fruitless. Our present educational system hardly comprises of any industry component. In this competitive environment the difference between education and industry is widening day-by-day. This creates difficulty for young alumni to adjust themselves in the industry. At times, it takes many years to transform them into thorough professionals. In the absence of proper guidance many students get distracted from their actual goals to proceed with their career, and choose unknowingly & un-purposely a profession different from their basic qualification. This discrepancy in education and the subsequent profession, yields wastage of resources provided by Government & Private Sector in addition to the misuse of the most significant years of study of a student’s life.

For instance the field of engineering struggles with the deficiency of engineering professionals despite of having thousands of engineering colleges in the country. The equation is quite simple for due to directionless efforts of the present education system, most of the young engineering alumnus shifts to some other industry, unwillingly. The reasons for this debacle can be numerous. Lack of direction for a proper start, dissatisfaction with the present industry he/she is working in, understanding of work etc, are the primary reasons. Only 5% of the engineers leave the field because of genuine reasons while the remaining 95% leave the field for pretty avoidable reasons. Either they do not know how to start or adjust in industry or don't have basic understanding or skills to work in that industry. Every year more than 50% of the engineering graduates leave their respective field, i.e. the education to profession dropout of engineering field is more than 50%. This loss is in addition to the manual hours wasted to educate them for some precious four to six years. This process can also be observed in other educational areas such as Arts, Commerce, Science, IT where industrial interaction is negligible.

On the contrary in the field of medicines, this education to profession dropout ratio is not more than 5%. The reason being the real time training provided with studies. All medical students are required to attend compulsory internship within their academic curriculum right after their enrollment. This industry exposure is quite similar to the real life situations which they require to face, when they will work as an independent professional. Moreover, they get ample opportunities to work under highly specialized senior professionals. The result itself shows the success story of this education model.

Thus concluding, we are 95% sure that a student will choose the same profession which he/she has studied if only he/ she gets a chance to undergo internship with the studies compared to less than 50% surety of students of going in the same field of studies for the programme where industry interaction is not the part of academic curriculum.

CIB education is a conscious effort to make such an educational model which is at par with the industry integrated model like in medical education.

CIB education will be given to students with real industry work experience. This will serve dual purpose; the student will obtain precious work experience in addition to the academic knowledge. Conclusively, CIB education is the only tool which can fulfill the demands of the modern industry and serve the country in a better manner.

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